Tuesday, February 2, 2016

IT tips to make the start of your semester a little smoother. #AnnounceIT

Some tips to try to help with possible printing issues you may be having:
  • If you have reset your DePauw Password, you will need to reconnect using your new password. If you previously saved your password to your laptop, learn how to remove this option from your computer so you can use your new password:
  • If this doesn't work for you, then uninstall your print and network drivers, then reinstall by scrolling down to the Connecting to network drives section of the IT KnowledgeBase Learn About the Network and Printing articles.
With so many members of our campus community returning from off campus, this is a prime time for phishing and other email attacks. Be proactive in protecting your data and your IT accounts from these possible attacks by running a virus scan. The Securing devices article on the IT KnowledgeBase is where you can learn how to download and run Symantec Endpoint Protection on your computer. This is also a good time to check out our updated resources on Information Security
Please contact the HelpDesk at HelpDesk@depauw.edu or (765) 658-4294 with any questions or concerns.