Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Updated recommendation on Windows 10. #AnnounceIT

After preliminary testing of Windows 10 with our network and printers, it appears that fresh installs are probably okay. This means that new "out-of-the-box" machines with Windows 10 installed should work on our network and printers.

However, we are still not recommending you upgrade to Windows 10, particularly if you have an older machine as you may encounter performance issues. For those wishing to learn more, search the Internet and you will find chatter amongst the Windows 10 forums about the issues people are finding when they upgrade their systems.

Again, a fresh install of Windows 10 is probably okay; whereas, an upgrade to Windows 10 is not recommended at this time.

And, please remember - ALWAYS back up your data before doing any type of upgrade to your system - it is better to be safe than lose all your data!!!

Please let us know at HelpDesk@depauw.edu or (765) 658-4294 if you have any questions or concerns.