Thursday, December 18, 2014

Tech Prep for the Holiday Break. #AnnounceIT

The Laptop Service Depot will be open limited hours over the next few days and through Winter Term. Please see the attached document for details. You may direct all questions and concerns to Mike Moore at (765) 658-4296 or

Before leaving for the holiday break, please remember to turn off and unplug all computers, printers, and other electronic equipment.

For faculty and staff members wishing to forward calls to your cell phone or another number, you may do so through the CommPortal:
  1. Go to
  2. Log in using your 10-digit telephone number and your PIN
  3. Click Call Manager
  4. Click Forwarding
  5. Select Forward calls immediately
  6. For Forward calls toenter the desired number exactly as you would dial it if you were calling it from your office phone (For example, you must first press a 7 on your office phone when making a call to someone off-campus so make sure you enter the 7 when setting up call forwarding to an off-campus phone number.)
  7. Click Apply
Please contact the HelpDesk at (765) 658-4294 or with any questions or concerns.

Information Services wishes everyone a safe and enjoyable holiday break.