Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Fix your own cable TV issues in a few easy steps. #AnnounceIT

Following the system upgrade of the campus cable TV over fall break, there have been numerous issues reported to the HelpDesk. Many of these issues you can resolve on your own by completing the following steps:

Re-scanning for channels
  1. Press the Power button on your TV to turn it on.
  2. Press the Menu button.
  3. Find the section named Channel or Setup, select Cable.
  4. Find the section named Auto channel search or Channel scan, and then begin the search/scan (Note: It will take several minutes to scan. Be sure to allow sufficient time for the scan to complete to ensure all channels are scanned. We suggest you refer to your owners manual for specific details.)
  5. When the scan is completed, verify all channels have scanned by scrolling through the channels.
If you continue to have issues after you re-scan for channels, please contact the HelpDesk at (765) 658-4294 orHelpDesk@depauw.edu for further assistance. 

These instructions as well as other helpful information are available to you 24/7 on DePauw's IT KnowledgeBase.