Thursday, January 17, 2013

Google Voice is DePauw’s current option for voicemail

Google Voice is DePauw’s current option for voicemail. Information Services recommends taking 5 minutes to set it up so your colleagues and/or students can easily leave you a message. 
To set up Google Voice as your voicemail:

For step-by-step instructions for using Google Voice as your voicemail, refer to the IT KnowledgeBase article Google Voice as your voicemail.

You must follow the 3-step process completely to avoid issues:

1. Set up a local* phone number in your DePauw Google account. These are provided by Google and often (though not always) in the 765-276-xxxx range, which is a local Greencastle call.

2. Forward your office phone to the phone number created in step 1.

3. Finalize your Google Voice settings. ***VERY IMPORTANT STEP!***

*At times, Google expends all its local numbers for our area. Usually, they are able to acquire more within a week or two when this happens. If you don’t want to wait until a local number becomes available go ahead and select a long distance number. The small long distance cost for leaving/getting a voicemail message will negligible, generally only 5-10 cents per message.

Please contact Dave Diedriech (765-658-6442 or if you have questions on how to setup Google Voice.

If you choose not to setup voicemail, please consider forwarding your phone to your assistant or your department’s main contact number so others can leave a message for you.