Tuesday, March 22, 2011

e-Services/Oracle System Upgrade Complete

The major upgrade to the Financial systems has completed successfully.  Logins to all upgraded systems are now enabled including e-Services and  TMA.  A full list of affected systems follows:

  • e-Services
  • Oracle e-Business Suite
  • ADMIN2 (Registrar applications)
  • TMA (Facilities Services)
  • Selected University web pages, including:
    • Alumni Gateway
    • Campus Directory (faculty, staff and students)
    • Campus Calendars
    • Alumni and Development Online Gifts portal
    • Event Registration portals (incl. Commencement, Alumni Reunion Weekend, DePauw Discourse, etc.)
    • Admission Application and Online Deposits pages for prospective students
    • Athletic Questionnaire for prospective students
    • Faculty members list (www.depauw.edu/admin/acadaffairs/faculty/faculty.asp)
    • Faculty email list utilities (www.depauw.edu/adam/acadaffairs/facemail)
    • Student Third-Party Access portal (for parents and others to view invoices, check students’ grades, etc.)
    • Academic department sites
    • University Catalog
    • Library Acquisitions Orders
  • iPhone App – Calendar & Directory offline. (News feeds, WGRE player & Athletic fees were not affected.)
  • Titanium – Available for scheduling, but new clients needed to be entered manually
  • PowerFAIDS – System may have been unavailable, but batch interface jobs with e-Services were disabled
If you experience any problems or have further questions, please contact the HelpDesk.