Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Students - New Printer/Copier Information

New Canon printer/copiers are being installed in public areas on campus that require you to use your DePauw ID card to make copies or prints.

Quick Information you need to know now:

  • After sending your print job, swipe your DePauw ID card to release it from the printer/copier.
  • Remaining print quotas from Fall Semester will be rolled over into your current account in the next couple of weeks.

To Learn More:

Visit DePauw’s Printer/Copier help site to learn how to use the new Canon printer/copiers, including:

  1. Setting up your to laptop to print to the Canon printer/copiers (WindowsMac)
  2. Making Copies
  3. Printing (WindowsMac)
  4. Releasing a print job
  5. Scanning to email or USB drive
  6. Fees for printer/copiers
  7. Student print quotas
  8. Training opportunities for students
  9. Sustainability and other benefits of the new Canon printer/copiers
If you have any questions contact the HelpDesk (765-658-4294) or helpdesk@depauw.edu.