Tuesday, March 8, 2011

DePauw Google Apps now offers more applications

DePauw’s Google Apps for Education domain has been expanded to enable you to access several more Google services with your depauw.edu account.

Now that this update has been applied, the next time you log in to your DePauw Google Apps account you will see a one-time confirmation screen. An informational e-mail will be sent to your account as well stating:

What this change means for you:

  • Access to many more Google products. You will now be able to use most Google products with your depauw.edu accounts. For a sample, see our list of products.
  • New sign in option. You can now sign in to Google services from the regular sign-in pages (like http://mail.google.com). Make sure to enter your full depauw.edu email address when signing in. Learn more
  • Data ownership. All data contained in depauw.edu Google Apps accounts continues to be owned by your organization, and is subject to depauw.edu's terms and conditions. Learn more
Common issues:

  • Using multiple accounts. After the conversion, the process to sign in to multiple accounts simultaneously in your browser (What is a browser?) will change. Learn more
  • Offline support for certain Google products aren't currently available. Learn more
Still have questions or need more help?

  1. If you are an administrator, please visit our Help Center for Admins.
  2. If you are an end user, please visit our full Google Accounts Help Center. If you have questions that are not in the Help Center, please contact your administrator for help.
Additional services will include Blogger, Reader, and Picasa, among others and can be found under the “More” link at the top of the Google window.

Once your depauw.edu account has been expanded, following are key points of which you should be aware:

  • If you are already logged in to your depauw.edu Google Apps account, Google will automatically sign you into each of these additional services the first time you visit it. Remember that data you save or post there using your DePauw account is subject to the University’s Electronic Communication and Acceptable Use Policy (http://www.depauw.edu/it/policies/electoniccommuncations.asp).
  • If you already have a personal account in one of these expanded Google Applications that you created with your depauw.edu address, the next time you log in after the update Google will walk you through steps to create a new personal username for that account. Afterwards, the data there is safe and you can continue to access that personal Google account using the new username. You can find more information on resolving this issue at https://sites.google.com/a/depauw.edu/depauw-google-apps/top-faqs/multiple-accounts
If you have any questions regarding the upgrade, you can contact the HelpDesk (765-658-4294, helpdesk@depauw.edu).