Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Faculty/Staff Network (Novell) password policy change - Effective October 28th.

In our continued efforts to improve data security at DePauw, Information Services is implementing a network (Novell) password policy change for faculty and staff to take effect on October 28th.
The systems that are affected include Moodle, network drives (such as the I, P, and U drives), LDAP, TMA, ezproxy, and iPrint.  (Google Apps email and e-Services user accounts are managed by separate systems and therefore are not affected by this change.)
You must change your password prior to October 28th or you will not be able to access these systems and your password will have to be reset by the help desk.
Your new password must meet the following new complexity requirements:
-Minimum length of 8 characters
-Must not contain your name or username
-Must contain at least 3 of the following 4 types of characters:
-lower (abcd...)
-upper (ABCD...)
-number (1234...)
-special (!@#$%...)
For help on creating secure passwords:
You should decide on your new password before clicking on the following link to change it.  You may also want to restart your computer after changing your password so you can relogin using the new one.

We appreciate your time and efforts in helping to create a more secure network.

Please contact the HelpDesk (765-658-4294) if you have any questions.