Monday, March 1, 2010

We've Gone Google!

We are officially ready for DePauw faculty, staff and students to start using Google Apps for their email and calendars.

What you need to do:

1) Starting today (March 1)

  • Your DePauw Google Apps account is ready for you to use. (See the bottom of this message for what username/password to use.)
  • You can access DePauw Google Apps at:
  • You can login to your DePauw Google Apps account and begin getting familiar with it at your own pace anytime between now and May 1st. When you are ready, you can follow a few simple steps that will enable you to use it as your primary DePauw email system.
For instructions on how to get started or to find a training session:

2) By May 1

  • After May 1, DePauw email can ONLY be sent or received by using the Google Apps system.
  • You MUST at least login to your DePauw Google account to activate it by this date.
3) By October 1

  • Any old email that you want to copy from GroupWise to the new Google system will need to be transferred before this date. On October 1st the old GroupWise system will be retired.?
What’s your username /password?
To find information about your Google Apps username/password, visit "Activate your Google Apps account by logging in for the first time" on the Google Apps help site (