Thursday, November 19, 2009

Warning from Public Safety - Email Scam

The Public Safety Office is investigating three incidents of a potential email scam. These requests are coming to DePauw email accounts and are very similar to other email scams they have seen and investigated in the past.

In these recent incidents, students are receiving unsolicited e-mails from “janey.2040″ at a Yahoo account. “Janey” is allegedly Jane Green, an Artist, Archaeologist and Manager of Dulwich Picture Gallery in London.

“Janey” is requesting that they receive money orders, cash them into their accounts and keep a portion of the money as payment. The email tells them where to send the remaining funds. The scam is that the money orders are not valid and after the bank attempts to process them, the money has already been sent and the students would owe the bank the money.

These emails, and all others like them, are attempts to gain personal information and commit theft through deception. Please do not respond to any email requesting personal information. Please refer to Crime Prevention resource webpage at

Many people received these emails. If you replied to these solicitations and/or have received money orders, please contact the Public Safety Office, 765-658-4261.