Friday, November 13, 2009

Support for Mac OS X v10.6 Snow Leopard

Information Services does not yet provide support for Mac OS X v10.6. We recommend that you do not upgrade to Snow Leopard until later in the year.

Our research has shown that the Novell Netware network does not currently support Mac OS X v10.6 and the following network applications will NOT work:

* The Groupwise email client
* Printing to departmental or public networked printers
* Using aliases to access network drives (P:, I: and U:)
* Groupwise messenger

What's the timeline?

According to Novell’s support timeline, updates that will make Netware compliant with Snow Leopard will be available sometime in mid-Fall. After those are available and we have confirmed that OS X v10.6 works on our network, we will notify the campus and begin providing support for it at that point.

Once we are prepared to support Snow Leopard, our campus license will allow us to install it on any University-owned computer that meets the minimum system requirements noted by Apple ( Students can purchase the upgrade directly from the Apple Web site.

What if your new computer came pre-installed with Snow Leopard?

If your new computer came already installed with Snow Leopard or you have already upgraded to Snow Leopard, following are alternative methods for using some of the network applications that are not compliant:

* DePauw e-Mail –Use
* Accessing network drives (P:, I:, U:) – Use
* Printing to networked printers – Email the document to yourself, then use a public lab computer to print it

If you have further questions or comments, contact the HelpDesk 765-658-4294,